Your personal acting brand – trap or your way to success?

Luiza Luzina about why is it important to find your own brand

One of the biggest fears for an actor is to become a one-role actor. This entails not only that people will see you as a specific character, but that all subsequent roles can remain within the same type. For a creative person it can feel like a sentence. Therefore, when it happens, many celebrities choose provocative roles, star in independent films, produce movies that could reveal them in a completely different light. Although being associated within a certain brand is a sign of success and a really good work - many actors dread this prospect.

Luiza Luzina is a Ukrainian actress known for theater and film projects, will tell us about how her brand has changed over the years, how to break out of the cycle of the roles and what problems face young actors.

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Luiza tell us more about why an established brand can become a problem for an actor?

First of all, it is worth noting that this can only be called a problem if the actor himself or herself thinks about it that way. Still, the role arises depending on the unique set of external data and character. Many actors stay within the same type, and this does not prevent them from being successful and interesting. Speaking from a creative side, I would say that this doesn’t allow you to fully reveal yourself. No wonder people say that an actor is a person with a thousand faces.

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In your career was there a moment when you were seen in the similar character types?

Yes, there was a time when I had a very established type. When I used to live in Ukraine I played in the theater where I was the youngest actress. Besides, I have a pretty classic Slavic appearance. Because of that I usually played fairy-tale characters, heroines who believe in miracles and are ready to overcome all difficulties for their friends. For example, Wendy (Peter Pan), Ellie (The Wizard of Oz), Alice (The Mystery of the Third Planet) etc. I knew that I was very organic in this type of roles. Moreover, my age and my own personality made the characters come to life on stage. However, over the time I started to notice that I was only seen as this type of characters.

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What have you done to break out of this role cycle?

Everything resolved by itself. When I was seventeen, I became a freshman at a university and my specialty wasn’t related to acting. Even though I still had some acting jobs during four years of studies my focus was on successfully completing my bachelor’s degree. New environment has changed me - I became more mature and started to have a different point of view on a lot of things. All these changes that happened to me also influenced my acting brand and the roles that I started to be seen in the future. Although my acting career was developing slower during these years, I had an amazing experience of creating and performing in the play in Italy.

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Tell us more about this experience.

In 2017, I lived in Milan for four months. Under the direction of the famous Italian actor Stefano Guizzi we created and staged an author’s Commedia dell’arte. The script was written by the whole artistic team. I auditioned for the two roles: Isabella and Columbina.

One of the main features of Italian comedy as a theater genre is that it has very strict character types. For example, Isabella is character similar to the heroines of a literary drama. It is a sensual, flirtatious heroine immersed in her feelings. While Columbina is a witty, cunning and unpredictable servant. At the end I got the part of Isabella, although I personally felt more like Columbine at that time.

It was very interesting to work abroad. In addition, I started differently perceive the roles that I was seen at. Your acting brand where you are successful can give you tons of opportunities to become a part of interesting projects and make meaningful connections for your career. And then you can start experimenting. Also, now there are many social platforms where you can present yourself however you want.

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What roles do you have right now?

When I moved to the US everything has changed drastically for me. Now I am even missing my previous positive characters. Don’t know how it happened but here I am seen in a completely different light. Most of the time I play antagonists or comedy characters. Everyone has different opinion on that topic, but at my school we were told about the importance of knowing your type and matching it. However, unlike back home there is no clear classification of them. I do believe that even if you have a clear type at the moment this is a good sign of an organic and catching acting and that you are moving in a right direction.

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Can you give some advice of how can you be seen in a different light?

Everything depends on how productive and creative you can and want to be. If opportunities don’t come to you, you should create them on your own. Read different plays, find roles that you love and work on them. Nowadays, social platforms can be a wonderful opportunity to show your skills to the world and you never know who can notice you one day. You can also write your own pieces and that’s how you can expand you acting range. Find people who are also interested in creating new projects and combine your talents. This is also would be beneficial in terms of networking. I can’t help but mention how important it is to start meeting new people.


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